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LKE Corporation
J Line Creek, Lobster Valley Watershed, OregonJ Line Creek, Lobster Valley Watershed Oregon
  "The legacy we leave is that you will never know we were there."  
LKE Corporation

LKE CORPORATION has a different mindset in the construction industry. We incorporated in 1993, and with more than 10 years prior experience, we are veterans in restoration and rehabilitation of our lands. Most of our life work has been focused on projects that benefit the environment. Enhancement of our watersheds and restoration of wildlife and fish habitat is what we do best. You will find that our efforts always go far beyond expectation. We excel in providing an extraordinary end creation with not only a functionality goal, but to mimic Mother Nature. We can build freeways and subdivisions, which we have in the past. However, the rewards of restoration have far outweighed the fast paced race of new development. All is sacred and deserves respect; soil, water, air and all life.

We are proud of hundreds of miles of recontoured watershed restoration, as well as several miles of instream structures. Check out some of our highlighted projects.

DBE # D2F0017236 | WBE # W2F0017236 | OR WBE # 2496